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Regener8 offers one-on-one training, couples training and small group circuit training.

Regener8 is not like a normal gymnasium, it is a clinic. 

The only treatment that takes place within the studio is by appointment only.

Once we assess your needs, we recommend training frequency, type and time.

Cost-effective packages to recommended to suit.

Our clients have active interests in golf, snow-skiing, swimming, triathlons, hiking, cycling, trekking and other multi-sport disciplines. 

We pride ourselves on helping individuals realise the benefits of implementing a researched based strength and conditioning regime. 

If you want to take your leisure activities to another level or improve how you feel, call to arrange your first consultation.


Group Classes

Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

Specific exercise cise selection to help with stability and strengthall aimed at creating a stronger and more resilient YOU long-term


Diabetes classes

Evidence based sessions with like-minded participants in a welcoming space whilst also learing more about your condition to help you better manage your diabetes diagnosis long term!

DVA small group sessions

Work along side other retuned service people. We pride ourselves on working closely with the individuals who have served our country.


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