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Evidence-based approach to exercise prescription

Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Research has shown regular exercise to have a profound effect on ones quality of life and general well being.

Regener8 Exercise Physiology is a highly professional outfit that can help you maximise the benefits of your exercise.

Through the analysis of movement patterns and a detailed initial assessment process, we then develop specific interventions in either one-on-one, couples or group exercise physiology sessions to suit you and your goals.  


Our programming is built with your best outcomes in mind. 

Your limitations and goals combined with optimal clinical outcomes come together for ideal client success strategies including :

  • Improved muscular strength and developing cardiorespiratory fitness

  • Education around physical activity

  • improving your bone health

  • Reducing your risk of high blood pressure / hypertension

  • Reducing your risk of coronary heart disease & stroke

  • Reducing your risk of diabetes and some cancers

  • Managing bodyweight and reducing risk of obesity

  • Reducing anxiety and depression helping to support mental health problems.

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